League Rules



(Approved: September 26, 2017)

All matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. Rules and/or interpretations provided by MASA for adult matches are in the following items, which will further interpret these rules for purpose of this league.


1. Eligibility

All teams and individual players must meet all MASA rules for registration. Failure to meet any of these registration rules will render a team and/or individual players ineligible to participate in the league:

  • Teams must be registered though www.mooresvilleadultsoccer.com.

  • Player must be listed on a match roster. 

  • There will be 4 separate divisions dictated by competition level:

    • Premiership

    • Challenge

    • Select

    • Championship

  • All players must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • A player may only play for the team they are rostered with. Players can change teams but the league must be notified so the rosters can be updated.

  • Goal Keepers can only play for one team. They will NOT be allowed to fill in with another team.

  • No guest players.

  • Any player who fails to register on line will not be allowed to participate.


2. Modified Rules

The intent of this league is to provide an opportunity for all participants to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun but competitive environment.  While this is a competitive league and there is always a risk of injury, please use discretion regarding contact and physical play.  In an effort to enhance play and reduce risk of injury, the following rules modifications will be implemented: 

  • Off-sides will not be called, however it is up to the referee’s discretion to determine if a player is in a position which provides a considerable advantage for the attacking team (i.e. “cherry-picking”).  Arguing with the referee regarding the off-sides calls will not be tolerated (please refer to Section 3 regarding behavior).

  • No slide tackles will be allowed; including feet-first slides from the goal keeper.

    • Goalkeeper allowed to use proper technique with hands and body first.

  • All free kicks are indirect unless inside of the penalty area which results in a penalty kick.

    • Defending players must be 8 yards from the placement of the ball.

  • The penalty spot will be 10 yards from the goal.

  • Teams will play matches 7 v 7, and there is a 12-person limit for number of players assigned to a roster.

3. Player, Manager and Spectator Behavior

  • All players, managers, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the letter as well as the spirit of the Laws of the Game. The referees working the matches in the league are experienced and will apply the Laws as they interpret them in the flow of the matches. Player, manager, or spectator dissent will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as necessary.

  • Any player or manager receiving 2 Yellow cards for arguing or inappropriate behavior will be subject to league disqualification.  It is up to the League Director to make the final decision on disqualifying players or managers.

  • During games, each team will be provided with a team bench. Only players will be allowed on this side of the field.

  • Spectators and team mangers should be on the opposite side of the field.

  • No players or spectators are allowed behind the goals.

  • Players, managers, or spectators ejected from a match will be banned (out of sight and sound of the playing area) from the team’s current and next scheduled match.

  • Player, managers, and spectators ejected from a match for fighting may be banned from the remainder of the league by the Mooresville Adult Soccer Association D&A panel.

  • The League Director reserves the right to ban any team from further competition if the behavior of the team’s players, managers, or spectators creates an atmosphere where further competition cannot take place within the letter as well as the spirit of the Laws of the Game.


Each manager is responsible for the behavior of players and spectators of their team.

4. Player Equipment

  • Shin guards are required.

  • A player is not allowed to wear any jewelry (earrings, watches, necklaces etc.)

  • Medical tags and bracelets must be taped to the body.

  • In the case of similar or identical jerseys, the designated home team (the team listed first on the schedule) will change jerseys / wear colored vests.

  • Players wearing casts or protective equipment are allowed to play with the approval of the referee.  These will need to be covered in bubble wrap. The referee will have the final decision.


5. Duration of Play

The duration of each match is 2 25-minute halves.  Half-time intervals will be five (5) minutes based on the referee’s discretion.

6. Substitutions

Substitutes are unlimited, and can be made during the run of play

  • All substitutions, WILL take place from the halfway line and substitutes should not enter the field until the player they are replacing has left the field.

  • Substitutions should not be made where it provides an advantage.


7. Protests



8. Inclement Weather or Other Uncontrollable Circumstances

Regardless of weather conditions, teams are expected to arrive for their scheduled match, failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the match. In the case of extreme weather the League Director may cancel any or all matches. If severe weather were to occur after the beginning of play, the center referee, or League Director, may reduce the length of the match or cancel the match altogether.  For other matches, rescheduling attempts will be made as fairly as possible, considering referee and field availability and normal progress of the competition.

If the lights go out during a match, time will be stopped and play will resume once proper playing conditions return.


9. Team Contact

Each team must provide the mobile phone number of the team manager so that these individuals may be contacted if circumstances require it. Be sure the team contact is someone who can be reached at any time.