COVID-19 Protocol for Fall 2020 season



  1. Players MUST wear a face mask, before and after games. This is travelling from your car to the field and from the field to your car.

  2. Players can wear a face mask during a game, but it is not recommended.

  3. MASA or CISC takes no responsibility for players participating. By coming out to the fields and playing, players are agreeing to take full responsibility for their health and safety. Every player must complete the COVID-19 Waiver.

  4. If players have had any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come out and play. We need for players to be responsible.

  5. No spectators! This includes in the parking area.

  6. Players must not approach the fields until 10 minutes before their game.

  7. After the game, please collect all belongings and move to another area so the next team can prepare.

  8. Do not congregate in the Parking lot.

  9. Do not congregate at the fields except within your team.

  10. There will be no benches available for the foreseeable future. However, players will still be on their assigned side of the field as normal. Please do not bring chairs to sit on.

  11. Soccer is a contact sport. There will be contact during games.

  12. There will be no approaching a player or game official in any aggressive manner. One strike rule and the player will be asked to leave the field and the park.

  13. There will be no SPITTING. Spit once and it is a yellow card, spit twice and it is an ejection. Spit towards another player or game official, then the player will not be welcomed back.

  14. Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and use it before, at half-time and after their game.

  15. We will also be doing a temperature check at each entrance. 100.1 and you will not be admitted to the field of play nor participate in your game. You will be asked to leave the park.

  16. Hand sanitizer will be available for club officials to be used every 30 minutes and by referees before, at half-time and after each game.



If you are playing on Field 3A or 3B, please park on the right side of Mazeppa Park. Turn right at the STOP sign after the roundabout (turning circle).

If you are playing on Field 4A or 4B, please park on the left side of Mazeppa Park. Turn left at the STOP sign after the roundabout (turning circle).

Entering and exiting the fields

When entering the fields, please use the two side gates. There is one for Field 3 and one for field 4.

When exiting the fields, please use the exit next to the player side of the field, with the big catch net.


Captains or one team member are to report scores to the tent after their game.